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How to configure access policies to Work Items on Azure DevOps

One of the strengths of Azure DevOps is that it’s very scalable. It can be configured to work for company of all sizes: from small teams of a few people, to a large enterprise with thousands of users.

When we work in complex environment we should follow the best practices to choose how to organize people and projects on our Azure DevOps Organization. This is a great piece of documentation to get started when we work in an enterprise scenario and I recommend reading it.

A general (but please double check if it is suitable for your environment) guideline is to work inside a single project and create many teams.

With this kind of setup is common that customers ask me to provide a way to limit visibility of work-items. This way only some people could access some work items. This is to provide better focus to teams, for example. But your project could have other needs to do this.

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How to share an Azure DevOps Artifact feed with the entire organization

Azure Feeds used to be scoped to an organization. However, to enable public feeds and to become more consistent with the rest of Azure DevOps, feeds created through the new create feed UI are now project-scoped.

The only way to create an org-scoped Azure Artifact Feed is through API calls and it’s not reccomended.

If we want to share a feed with an entire organization this is what we need to do.

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Import from JIRA to VSTS in 5 steps

In previous posts I documented some features of VSTS and a few scenarios of Application Lifecycle Management.

If you like VSTS it’s likely that you want to move your existing project from your current platform to VSTS. I’m currently planning a migration from JIRA to VSTS at work and here I am to share my findings.

This blog post has been inspired by the work of the ALM DevOps Rangers.

We’re going to build a simple tool to migrate and map Jira issues into VSTS items.

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Uno degli ultimi acquisti in ambito di manuali: Software Project Survival Guide di Steve McConnell.


Conosciamo tutti Steve McConnell per il suo super famoso Code Complete 2.

In questo testo McConnell ci spiega come gestire un progetto software che richiede dai 3 mesi a un paio di anni. L’autore ci fa capire quanto alcune attività che dai manager mediocri vengono considerati sprechi sono in realtà necessarie e sane. Inoltre ci fornisce delle check-list di controllo e propone dei metodi di controllo.

Calza a pennello, a mio avviso, il paragone che fa subito all’inizio tra la piramide dei bisogni di un essere umano di Maslow e quelli di un progetto.




Se un progetto non riesce a soddisfare i suoi bisogni di sopravvivenza e sicurezza non sarà possibile raggiungere i più alti livelli di stato dell’arte del software.

È ricco di molti altri spunti di riflessione e mi senti di consigliare a chiunque sia coinvolto in progetti software (anche se non strettamente un programmatore) a studiare questo testo.