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4 tips to increase your productivity and reduce stress

Let me tell you how addicted to urgency you are. Do you have notifications enabled on your phone for WhatsApp, Slack, Email, Sms, Facebook, Twitter? Do you read a notification a few seconds after you heard it? Then you’re an addicted to urgency. If you’re not this blog post is not for you.

Drop it

The first thing you have to know about productivity is that the less you do the more you can do. Dropping things is the number one way to scale and feel better at the end of the day.

Saying no to things it’s hard but it’s even worse to delay our very important deadlines and schedules.

Turn off notifications

When it’s “hammer time” turn off your phone notifications and ringtone and never look back. No one is going to blame you if you don’t answer to that e-mail because you were focusing in the exact thing you’re supposed to do. Your main job is not to answer e-mail (unless you’re a manager?). Turn off notifications of Skype, Outlook, etc: everything in your workstation.

Free your mind

When something comes up to your mind while you’re working write it down quickly in a place (post-it is the best) and then go back to what you were doing. This will free your mind from thinking about it and look at the collection of post-it you’ll have created later. Some things that seemed so important in that moment are totally useless and you’ll throw them away.

Follow The One Email Rule

From Scott Hanselman

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